April 27, 2008

Happy birthday Mom!

She loved the socks, and wants armwarmers to match. How cool is that? *dance*

Also, my brother and I spent a few hours playing with the lathe, working on making a drop spindle, and that was a ton of fun. It was a bit of a surprise to realize I'd never used the lathe before. The house I grew up in has more shop equipment in it than the shop class room in either of the high schools I went to -- more than both combined, I think. I was comfortable with drill press, table saw, bandsaw, etcetera before I hit puberty. Shop class wasn't a learning experience for me, it was just an excuse to use power tools in the middle of the school day. But somehow I never managed to get trained in on the lathe. So I finally got to fill in that gap in my knowlege, and I'd have a new spindle to show for it if we hadn't run out of time. But I had to run out to get Rah at the airport, so I had to ditch the job before we were quite finished.

My bro was still working on it when I left, though, and knowing him, next time I go out there he'll have five different kinds of whorl made, he'll have invented a new type of shaft, and he'll have his mill programmed to cut intricate pearl inlays -- and he'll tell me he's not half done, because he'll still be experimenting with what kind of finish to use. That's the kind of family we are. :D

Mom wants her arm warmers made without thumbs or thumb holes. She says she just wants scrunchable sleeves. Anybody want to weigh in on what they prefer for arm/hand warmy things? Mitts with fingers and thumbs, thumb but no fingers, thumb hole flush with the rest, no hole at all? This isn't to say I'll immediately rush off and knit whatever gets the majority vote or anything, but I'm curious.


LizzieK8 said...

Try these! I've made several pair and they are quick to do. Just ignore the bottom half of the pattern for the thumb gusset.

They are great in an ww wool.


Jesse said...

Those are rather clever, aren't they? But I'm going to do her a set of these and just not do the thumb hole:


She saw them when I was making them, so I'm assuming that's what she had in mind.

mosrael said...

Well, I like the kind that cover a lot of my arm. Preferably with some finger-ness to them, but not so much that it's bulky, and not so little that it rolls and bunches. I have a pair of convertible fingerless glove/mittens with a complete thumb, and since I rarely wear them as mittens, it drives me batty! They can be shorter if they're comfy and warm. Also, it's easier to wear wrist-length ones with long sleeves, for the most part.