May 6, 2008

A new measurement system

I mentioned some posts back that a 'gob' is as much fiber as you'd want to spin at a sitting. Well, we've got a new one. According to Seebs, "An 'oodle' is enough yarn to make two socks and have enough left over that you kinda think you could make something with it but you can't." Very useful measurement, that.

I plan to query him soon on what a 'scad' might be.

He also had this bit of wisdom: "Yarn leftovers are a good thing. Two socks are much more useful than 1.9 socks." I don't think anyone would dispute that, but it won't stop me from collecting bowls full of grape-sized yarn balls in the expectation that someday, when I wake up one morning miraculously sane, healthy, and replete with free time, I will make the most amazing fair isle hat in the universe.

Edit: I asked him. He said, "A scad is enough to make one sock and one scarf. This is why you always hear of 'scads', plural." My love is a wise man.


I just posted the other Monster yarn (that green and purple one I dyed in the tutorial) on Etsy, and I noticed something very odd about the image I uploaded. It looked... pastel. Bland and apologetic. It looked like a shy candy-colored yarn instead of the in-your-face Weird Science it really is.

Could I be imagining it? Perhaps the picture I took was not as good as I thought it was? Just to be sure, I downloaded the image from the listing and put it side by side with my own version. Sure enough, Etsy had washed out the image.

Unfortunately, I can't show you any evidence, because Blogger apparently uses the same compression or whatever. When I upload both the brighter picture and the washed out picture here, they end up identical.

ARGH! I need to go bang my head against something. What are these sites doing to my images that turns intense grape-juice fuschia into candy pink? I took such a good picture, too! I would have a word with Etsy about it, but I don't actually know what's happening, so it's kinda hard to talk about.

Feh. Time to think about something happier until my blood pressure goes down a bit. Unfortunately, my world has been full of little frustrations lately. I've been working on a custom yarn for someone, and I just couldn't get the color right. I used up all my brown dye trying to get bronze, but the closest I could get was copper. Fortunately the commissioner said copper is okay, so I went and spun it up. It came up short in the yardage department. Since no two dye jobs are alike, I couldn't just dye enough to cover the shortage; I had to start over. Two days to dye and let it dry, and about a day for each of the three skeins, plus a day or two for them to dry after blocking, puts me a week behind schedule. Still within deadline, but that's time I could've been using for many other things.

And it's my own dang fault, so I can't really bitch about it. Fuck a duck.

It sure is some pretty fiber, though:

Uploading it wrecked the colors, as usual. It's not pumpkin colored. It's deep copper. Man, when words are more accurate than pictures to convey a color, something's just wrong.

Grumble grumble grumble. Grumble. Grr.