May 6, 2008

A new measurement system

I mentioned some posts back that a 'gob' is as much fiber as you'd want to spin at a sitting. Well, we've got a new one. According to Seebs, "An 'oodle' is enough yarn to make two socks and have enough left over that you kinda think you could make something with it but you can't." Very useful measurement, that.

I plan to query him soon on what a 'scad' might be.

He also had this bit of wisdom: "Yarn leftovers are a good thing. Two socks are much more useful than 1.9 socks." I don't think anyone would dispute that, but it won't stop me from collecting bowls full of grape-sized yarn balls in the expectation that someday, when I wake up one morning miraculously sane, healthy, and replete with free time, I will make the most amazing fair isle hat in the universe.

Edit: I asked him. He said, "A scad is enough to make one sock and one scarf. This is why you always hear of 'scads', plural." My love is a wise man.


slob said...


Your guys' dorkitude is what awesome is made of. Oh! Did you see that blanket made out of what's left of the oodle once the socks have been knit? It looks magnificent, but also like it requires a TON of seaming, which is a task my mind shudders away from in deepest horror.

Re. your last post about the colours being leached out of the fotos - mebbe try posting up at devArt and adding in an additional link? Unless devArt does the same thing to the colours. It seems a shame to lose the visual vibrancy you so well convey with your words.


Anonymous said...

I've seen some sock-leftover afghans. Got a particular one in mind? Linkie?

(Jesse doesn't feel like logging in just now.)